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in Jmeter, for a thread group, the number of thread users is 20, ramp-up period is 5s, the loop count is 10,

so what is the concurrent users in this situation.

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Please see the following link:


The 'number of threads' are equivalent to the number of concurrent users that you are looking for. In your scenario above, you have 20 concurrent threads (users) and each thread will run 10 times.

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It depends on what your test is doing. If it's something long enough - it will be 20, if it's something very short - it'll be 1.

JMeter offers several options to control the load. In particular the most commonly used elemends are:

Also JMeter concurrent threads are not "concurrent users" as real-life people do pauses between actions on web pages. If you don't set any pauses in your tests then 20 concurrent threads will stand for something like 200-250 concurrent users.

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