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I don't know Maven very well at all. I've been trying to pick up the basics as part of learning Selenium, which my company is considering for web functional tests. We also have some tests in Oracle OpenScript, part of the OATS package. These tests are also written in Java, and can be invoked from the command line via a batch file called runScript.bat (provided with OpenScript). Is there some way I could configure Maven that would run a folder full of OpenScript files when it runs the Selenium tests, so they could live side by side?

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If your company has an expert guy in maven area then she/he is able to invoke that file via maven module. At first this can be a solution. On the other hand, it worth to ask the maven community whether they have any solution for your case. You can find them here: maven.apache.org –  SayusiAndo Mar 5 '14 at 15:29

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