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I am learning Java to automate testcases using WebDriver. As for now I was using Selenium IDE. I have a scenario. In date picker on selecting date, based on the current date and time-future timeslots will be displayed for booking appointments. If current date and time is march 7-2PM, after selecting date, timeslots will apper after 2PM like 2.15,3 etc.. In IDE, I used the locator as //div[4]/ul/li[2]/a. This picks the first item in the list everytime. But when I use the same in WebDriver, only 1 time, it picks the slot. The second time it fails. Any suggestions.

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Make sure your table looks exactly the same as the first time. Maybe the fact that you chose the first slot somehow changed the whole table. –  Eugene S Sep 4 at 2:42

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I don't understand the 'it works the first time but not the second time' portion. I will say that it is entirely possible that Java is messing up your XPath due to / being an escape character, but I would like to presume you have fixed that.

A way to handle this would be:

List<WebElement> items = driver.findElements(By.cssSelector("ul li"));
if ( items.size() > 0 ) {
  for ( WebElement we: items ) {
   System.out.println( we.getText() );

The XPath method would be a better way to handle it though. What would be changing from the first to the second etc etc.

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