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I want to parameterize the filename textfield of CSV dataset config from other CSV dataset config.

Here is my test plan

Test Plan
 CSV Config1-file1
   CSV config2-file2
   Upload files

Users will login and upload the files(Every user need to upload different files)

file1 will have username,file path. CSV config2 'Filename' has to pick from 'file1'

I tried but ${csvFilename} in the filename option of CSV dataset config element,but jmeter is not evaluating the variable.

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You should put your CSV config2-file2 as a child of Upload files.

You also need to provide full paths to your files either in CSV or in "Send Files With The Request" input.


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Hi Dimitri,Issue is not resolved when CSV config2-file2 as a child of Upload files,details of CSV files CSV Config1-file1:- user1,d:\user1file.txt user2,d:\user2file.txt CSV Config2-file2:- for user1 the 'filename' should be d:\user1file.txt for user2 the 'filename' should be d:\user2file.txt user1file.txt:- d:\user1upload1.xlsx d:\user1upload2.xlsx 'user1file.txt' will have the path of files to be uploaded,In 'CSV config2-file2' we have to use a variable like 'filetoupload' whose value should be picked from 'user1file.txt' – guruk99 Mar 14 '14 at 6:37
If so there is a JMeter function called __threadnum - which stands for thread number starting from 1, so your variable should look like d:\user${__threadNum}file.txt. This way you'll get user1file.txt for 1st thread, user2file.txt for second, etc. Apologies for misunderstanding your initial request. – Dmitri T Mar 14 '14 at 12:28
Hi Dimitri,I need to execute the testplan multiple iterations in that case {_threadNum} wont be in our control,let me know how to handle this – guruk99 Mar 17 '14 at 13:03

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