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I have a Selenium WebDriver test where I enter some text into a text input box

    var input_Note = Driver.Instance.FindElement(By.Id("note"));

I then attempt to click on the Save button, but it does not work. I was previously using Coded UI where there is a SetFocus element that points the focus towards whichever element you are targeting. Is there something similar in Selenium?

var button_Save = Driver.Instance.FindElement(By.Id("save"));

I think the problem is with the JavaScript on my page. My application can be slow and unpredictable. I tried telling it to wait until a certain field was not empty, but that didn't seem to work very well. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this

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is there an action that occurs with the button once text has been entered? Are you getting any errors when the click action is performed? –  Dan Snell Mar 24 at 17:19
Hi Dan, yes. When the user enters text into that radio button, another text input gets auto-filled, which can sometimes take a second or two. I have tried using explicit waits, but no luck. Do you have any other suggestions? –  user2917239 Mar 24 at 18:29
Did you try click() instead of Submit()? UPDATE: Also you can try to wait for element to be clickable. Please find the expected conditions document here –  haraprasadj Mar 27 at 6:46
are the explict waits firing correctly or timing out? Can you provide an segment of the html code for the page? –  Dan Snell Mar 27 at 23:39

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You probably need to use a Selenium JavascriptExecutor and call the command to get focus using JavaScript. If your Firefox was in non-native selenium events mode, then this would make sense. I would try Selenium 2.40.0 with Firefox 27 though, with native events enabled, just to see what happens, otherwise use the JavascriptExecutor as a workaround. I have to use this method to get focus on new windows sometimes because Selenium wont do it.

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Hi Djangofan, I am using the newest version of Firefox and Selenium WebDriver. Do you know a good resource to learn about using the JavascriptExecutor? Appreciate the help –  user2917239 Mar 24 at 18:28

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