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In a Selenium Junit test, for a table with 'n' rows in a dialog box of a webpage, I am able to calculate number of rows using Table.size() (Table is a List of elements which finds elements with tag tr) The problem is the size() gives all rows (n rows) in the table. How do I calculate rows which are seen only on the view (having height of 'x'px)(I am able to calculate the height of table and rows though )

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Do the elements have a VisibleOnScreen property?

Or if you have access to the height property you can delete from the list the ones that don't matter...

I'm just fishing here, never used it before...

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The height is calculated using getCssValue("height") property. I am not sure if it is the correct way to limit the count or is there any function which can limit rows? I am able to use table.size() to get the count of the rows which includes rows in the dialogbox (after scrolling down the dialog) whereas I want rows only screen on top without scrolling.

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