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I am new to Calabash and I am looking for a solution... The test case says: I have to verify the text on txt_email Below are the properties of txt_email and I have to verify that the txt_email value is

                       "id" => "txt_email",
                  "enabled" => true,
       "contentDescription" => nil,
                    "class" => "android.widget.EditText",
                    "text"  => "",
                     "rect" => {
           "center_y" => 342.5,
           "center_x" => 1059.0,
             "height" => 72,
                  "y" => 378,
              "width" => 168,
                  "x" => 975
              "description" => "android.widget.EditText{......}"

I have used a custom step :

When /^I am verify for editText of email$/ do
  performAction('assert_view_property', "txt_email", "text", "")

but its not working...

Thanks, Cuong Nguyen

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The possible solution is below.

Then /^I verify text in email field$/ do
  expected_text = ""
  actual_text = query("EditText id:'txt_email'", :text).first
  unless expected_text == actual_text
    fail "Text in email field is incorrect. Expected '#{expected_text}', but got '#{actual_text}'."

It can be parametrized as well, for instance:

Then /^email should be ".*"$/ do |expected_email|
  actual_email = query("EditText id:'txt_email'", :text).first
  unless expected_email == actual_email
    fail "Text in email field is incorrect. Expected '#{expected_text}', but got '#{actual_text}'."
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