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I am recording my web application using JMeter, then i will edit my number of users (thread) = 2, so then while running my test plan the user name must be given separate for two users and run the test plan simultaneously as one must return with correct login and other must return wrong username. So how to do it with JMeter? Please show me the way with some screenshots if necessary.

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Follow these steps carefully:

List item

test plan->Add->Thread(user)->Thread group

thread group->Add->config element->HTTP Request Defaults

thread group->logic controller->recording controller

Workspace->Add->non-test element->http test script recorder

start your plan & record it.after successful creating of test plan do the following steps: add the csv data set config in your test plan Thread group->add->config element->csv data set config

in csv data set config file give the parameter values like : in filename:-give your csv file path & in variable name pass the variable as:username,password

in your test plan check the login file in that file change the static values username as "${username}" & password "${password}"

pass the different values in csv file & before start the test plan change the number of thread you want run

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Correct username can be left as is, for the incorrect one you can use __RandomString() function.

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