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AUT is a windows based desktop application constructed with vb6 and .net controls.

The AUT has lot of native objects that are hidden by using a wrapper around it. This is causing issues to identify the child objects within them. Say an example, dev team has used SSDB Grid to display records. As they are hidden, the tool can only see SSDB Grid but not the child objects within.

Another example is, Ultragrid. The items listed within that are menu items, clicking on each will throw separate windows/forms. Now we are using mouse coordinates to click on item. This is a very fragile approach without verifying the text that's clicked.

Given this situation, here are the questions:

1) - I have access to the source code for the application, does this offer any advantage at all to work on these controls?

2) - Any possibility of writing a plug or extension code to work on these controls (with or without the source code). If yes, any help on this?

3) - What's the general approach on such situations.

Tools considered offers vbscript programming/.net programming and various other scripting languages.

Looking forwarding for your ideas and suggestions.

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