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I have successfully integrated between JIRA and Testlink.

I haven't found yet how to connect from one issue on JIRA to its test case on Testlink. How can I connect JIRA issues with Testlink test cases?

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These links,

link1 and link2, give steps on how to configure JIRA on your Teslink. Hope they help. But before you start, ensure you have Testlink 1.9.5 or above and JIRA 5.2 or above.

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I have the same question too! @Yash : Your answer is really helpful to integrate between testlink and jira..but I think that's not related with the question because @user7717 said that he has successfully integrated them. The question is how to get the testcase (on testlink) from its related issue from JIRA (example : a link or a button on an JIRA's issue that will directly go to the testcase in testlink). @user7717 Please correct if I'm wrong.

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You are right. I completely missed the question. –  Yash May 14 at 11:30

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