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I have successfully integrated between JIRA and Testlink.

I haven't found yet how to connect from one issue on JIRA to its test case on Testlink. How can I connect JIRA issues with Testlink test cases?

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These links,

link1 and link2, give steps on how to configure JIRA on your Teslink. Hope they help. But before you start, ensure you have Testlink 1.9.5 or above and JIRA 5.2 or above.

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Please see this link, it might prove to be useful


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ashu, I'm not sure this answers the original question - the poster says the integration has been configured but doesn't know how to link JIRA issues to Testlink test cases without raising a defect via the integration. –  Kate Paulk Dec 8 '14 at 12:12

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