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I have successfully installed Testlink and QTP.

Does anyone know a way to integrate Testlink and QTP? I want QTP to execute tests and post the results on Testlink. So then I can compare of actual and expected results based on the executed test cases.

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Could you give us some more information about what level of integration you're looking for? Do you want QTP automatically posting results to Testlink? If so, at what level? There isn't enough information here for people to give you a good answer. –  Kate Paulk May 12 at 11:39
I'm compelled to agree with Kate here. If you can elaborate on what your objective is, we can work backwards from there. –  corsiKa May 12 at 16:13
@KatePaulk : Sorry for my unclear question. Yes I want QTP automically execute the test and post the results to Testlink. –  SabrinaHyde May 13 at 2:01

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