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Is it possible to connect a Jira server to Fitnesse, which is hosted on another server? I'm new to all this software and architecture, but have a decent understanding of how everything is laid out.

Jira is on its own on a server, as well as Fitnesse. I haven't been able to use either software yet, but I've read quite a bit of documentation and watched videos.

But to loop back to my question, how would I have Jira run, connect, and execute Fitnesse tests? Is it possible to create a script in Jira to connect to Fitnesse? Or do I have to create a script outside of Jira, connect to it from Jira, and then run the Fitnesse tests?

I took a look around Jira plugins, but there doesn't seem to be anything tailored towards this type of automation.

Any direction would be appreciated

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