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I'm trying out Selenium Builder as an alternative to Selenium IDE and Selenium Webdriver.

I've been pointed to a useful tutorial here:

...but this uses Travis as an example and I want to use a local instance of Jenkins.

I'm having trouble configuring Jenkins to run my Selenium Builder Json tests and I'm finding that the console output does not provide the same level of detail as I am used to when running my webdriver tests that Maven takes care of.

The current message is "Build step 'Invoke Selenium Builder script' marked build as failure"

My setup currently is:

Jenkins 1.567
GitHub Web Hook (not sure what this should be??)

Selenium Builder 1.11
Github 1.8

My Build:
Source Code: GitHub 
Build trigger: when change pushed to Git
Selenium Builder options: **/seleniumBuilderPOC/tests/loginCheckDrawers.json (not clear correct filepath format??)

Clearly I have some missing elements or mis-configured items - any help much appreciated.

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Steerpike - you would have to provide more information from the console output of your test. It is quite likely that you can see where something actually failed (a stacktrace or the like) before Jenkins reported the failure. – Paul Becotte Jun 11 '14 at 23:11
hooks allows you to react on special events on your repository. You can e.g. Start a build on every commit. More information about github webhook are found here – bish Jan 10 '15 at 10:41

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