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I'm not familiar with trainings about testing because I learned everything my own, but there are - I have - options to attend on different trainings, especially about mobile app testing. Do you know trainings (in English) which worth it about mobile app testing in Europe?

Thanks for your help!


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The iSQI GmbH provide trainings for Mobile App Testing. The most of them in Germany. For more information click on the following link. -

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I would suggest you to read a book, "Tap into mobile application testing" ( by Jonathan Kohl, that I think could help you step into mobile application testing area.

In the book, Jonathan tells you about the differences between mobile application testings and traditional ones. And he also tells you about the major technologies used on mobile phone and the best practices in testing them.

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You can find some mobile testing workshops nearby using MeetUp.

Please also tell are you interested in manual testing or automation?

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Hi, sorry for the late answer. I'm interested in both, manual and automated. – SayusiAndo Sep 4 '14 at 8:45

If you are interested in mobile automation testing, you can check some courses on udemy, e.g. courses which covers Appium tool: link, link2. Appium is one of the most used tools for mobile atuomation testing: both native and web

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