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I am using jUnit's Parameterized annotation on some Selenium tests to specify the browsers they should run with. I am also using SureFire's new parallel parameter (set to "classes") to try and run them in parallel. Am I correct in assuming that if I have X test classes and Y browsers, I should see X*Y windows pop up, X of each type? I'm only seeing Y windows pop up at a time.

For example, let's say I have my parameter list set to Firefox and Chrome, and I have 10 test classes. When I execute the tests with Maven, I'm seeing one Firefox window and one Chrome window appear on my remote server at a time. I want to see 10 of each, one for each class, so it takes less time to run. Is this possible?

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You have to create a own Parameterized class like here: stackoverflow.com/questions/13504796/… But be careful. I used this too and had some troubles with the number of parallel tests. Therefor this is not a answer. I think it is not the best way. But I have no other idea. –  Twaldigas Jun 26 at 6:31
@Twaldigas I was using something like that (actually the one provided by Sauce Labs), but it only does one thread per browser. I want one per class, which Surefire supports. –  Yamikuronue Jun 26 at 12:18
Hmm... okay. When it not work create a issue at the JUnit project. Ask for a solution of your problem. The people are very cooperative. github.com/junit-team/junit –  Twaldigas Jun 26 at 12:36

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