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How to create Selenium IDE script when passing value [Using hyperlink] from one HTML page to other.

In my case the page was automatically closed After passing the value. When i am trying to run the test using Selenium IDE showing error like "[error] modifyWindow: Window was closed!"

The sample of the web page is like this

enter image description here

When i click on 'Search Customer ID' button of the first form, it will show a pop up window [like HTML Page 2]. After searching customer name, a list of details will shows in the pop up window. Select one of the customer by click on 'Select'[hyperlink] and the customer ID details are automatically loading to the first page [In the Customer ID field of HTML page 1]. At this time the second window will closed.

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If I understand correctly, it sounds like you have a test that clicks on a hyperlink that will then close the current window and open a new one? If that is not correct, please add more details. In order to instruct Selenium to use the new window, you need to use:


The windowID would be the title of the window.

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