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In our organization we have an in-house written test execution framework. We are going to abandon it in several phases, and we decided to start with a Test Queue.

My requirements:

  • Supports priorities (test send for execution manually vs. triggered by build)
  • Supports retrieval based on some parameters (e.g. give me 1st test case if I can run tests for Application A, B, and C, but not for D)

An idea to use Jenkins popped up, but I would like to understand whether using Jenkins queue of jobs can be a smart way to model test case execution as oppose to using some priority queue implementation.

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Why do you need it to support priorities? Why can't you use the built in junit/nunit/mstest/testng (whatever) annotations to basically tag your tests and then execute only tests tagged with what you want? Would that get you what you want? Sounds like maybe you want to create a list of both manual and automated tests to execute and then track progress? Can you give more details? Again, I'm not sure I understand your need for retrieval based on some parameters? Can you give a more clear example? –  Sam Woods Jul 16 '14 at 15:15

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