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We are an agile software development boutique. We use Kanban to keep our project running. We do Test Driven development, so don't have a separate testing phase. But we do some manual testing called Exploratory testing. So I wanted to know if other teams follow the same or they have a specific time and phase for exploratory testing?

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This is really too broad for this site - there will be no "correct" answer. If you edit your question to ask for the benefits and drawbacks of having no specific testing phase, it would fit better into the format here. –  Kate Paulk Jul 24 at 11:01

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Well In our company we follow cmmi level 3 processes.

Exploratory is done after complete functional testing which consist of negative and positive testing.

When We receive a build of any web based or mobile based application this process we generally use.

1.Smoke testing of the build :- Which consist a short positive flow of application.

2.Functional testing:- Which consist of all negative and positive testing using test cases.

3.Exploratory testing:- This type of testing is done for extra scenarios which occurs to a tester during functional testing, it may be done out of scope of requirement to check how application is behaving, but before it a functional testing is needed to run all positive and negative test cases on build.

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