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I'm using Selenium Grid and noticed that I can configure the seleniumProtocol parameter for the different capabilities in the Node. I can chose between WebDriver and Selenium.

Excerpt from my node.json

      "browserName": "chrome",
      "platform": "WINDOWS",
      "maxInstances": 5,
      "seleniumProtocol": "WebDriver"
      "browserName": "firefox",
      "platform": "WINDOWS",
      "maxInstances": 205
      "seleniumProtocol": "Selenium",

What are the differences between those two options?

I couldn't jet find any relevant notes in the internet or the selenium grid wiki.

Thanks in advance

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The Selenium Grid and Node is downward compatible. It works with Selenium 1 and Selenium 2 / WebDriver.

The seleniumProtocol parameters define for what version of Selenium the configuration apply.

  • Selenium = Selenium 1
  • WebDriver = Selenium 2 / WebDriver
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