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We have been trying to do a Quick Load test on one of the POC application developed in Vaddin using JMeter tool, the server is hosted on local network.

The settings for automating Vaddin application is picked from this link. (These are specific steps for performance testing of application developed in Vaddin using JMeter)

After doing the above settings exactly as mentioned in the link above, we are able to record any other web application, but we are facing issues with Vaddin application: Nothing gets recorded. Any pointers to this would be helpful.

Additional Information:

  • The log file has the following information after starting and stopping the 'Non-Test Elements' -> 'HTTP Proxy Server', that means nothing is wrong with the setting, but nothing gets recorded for Vaddin application either.

    2011/06/02 17:01:21 INFO - jmeter.protocol.http.proxy.Daemon: Proxy up and running!
    2011/06/02 17:01:44 INFO - jmeter.protocol.http.proxy.Daemon: Proxy Server stopped

  • Manually creating scripts worked for us using the tool firebug to get the HTTP request.

Help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.


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Does your company have a firewall proxy?

I've run into this same issue with non-Vaddin apps, and resolved the issue by launching Jmeter with proxy info. From the command line, it looks like this:

jmeter.bat -H proxyDomain -P proxyPort -u proxyUsername -a proxyPassword
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