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I want to learn Selenium WebDriver automation using Java. I have done manual testing before and want to learn automation. I just know the basics of Core Java.

Could you please suggest me the Core topics which one would require to perform test automation using Selenium WebDriver?

What topics on which a tester must concentrate and what topics to ignore in java programming?

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My experience is, that the basics of Java suffice to start developing test cases with Selenium 2 / WebDriver. Myself started developing of Selenium test cases with a basic knowledge about Java. The more test cases I wrote and solutions I had to find, the more I leaned about the programming language.

Unit Testing Framework (JUnit, TestNG)

Write some simple unit tests (without Selenium) to learn the basics of the unit testing frameworks and read the documentation. The more complicated stuff of the framework comes automatically by writing tests with Selenium 2 / WebDriver.

Apache Maven

Apache Maven is an Build Management Tool. It can manage dependencies (libraries). But it is also very useful for testing stuff. It exists plugins to create test reports, run tests in parallel or configure the test runs.

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+1 for the unit testing framework section. With WebDriver in particular you'll have to get used to many of the features of these frameworks. –  joshin4colours Sep 2 '14 at 20:21

The answer to this depends on what level of coding do you wish to do? How complex will your test script be?

To begin with you might want to learn basic/core java and then keep on improving with practice and seeking help from others to put together complex scripts to test complex software.

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  • Learn the basics of JAVA(any programming language) - Door step to Selenium2 automation

    Assuming you have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS

  • Learn about locators, simple selenium commands and try to automate simple functionality
  • Once you got to know how to control the browser, you can go on using the frameworks like TestNG(preferrable) or JUnit
  • Learn Javascript, which will help you in many ways, with Selenium it is more powerful

If you have done the above things well, you will go yourself by the advanced usage of selenium to automate complex functions.

So, you will go across, Different Testing frameworks, Logs, CI, Build Management and so on.

Happy automation:)

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I think you will benefit if you research the following:

  1. Basics of Java (as pointed out in other answers): You may need to know some libraries/concepts like:

    • Apache POI: To read/write to excel files, in case you read test data from an excel file and pass it to your test script
    • XML Parsing: In case you pass test data from an XML file
    • TestNG: Testing framework with a reporting structure.
    • ATU Graphical Reporter (just a suggestion): This goes well with TestNG and gives great reports.
  2. XPath and Css-Selectors - Here, I mean you should be able to construct well formed XPath and CSS-Selectors.

  3. External Tools like AutoITx4Java or AutoIT - You may need to know this tool in case a part of your script deals with Windows popups.

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