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There are a few clarifications needed here, before I can help you out in the right direction, as per your query. 1- Are you working in an Agile/Scrum model? 2- Why are the 'Requirements' unclear? 3- Why do the user stories change so often? 4- Why are the user stories so vast? I think you may find that your testing is hampered, and you are being set up ...


This looks fine. BDD feature files is meant to be at a level to give useful information to product folks. In each step you can call lower level steps if you want to give more specific information (or more reusable actions) For this one for example Given I am signed in It might just call within it // enter the username GivenIEnterInTheField(string ...


From my experience at work a feature is a user story. There's a 1:1 relationship between a feature (as in Specflow) and a user story (as in BDD).


The other thing that many companies neglect in Agile, Extreme and even Waterfall working is that you need to have a test section on board as well and while the developers are working to fulfill a given story point, feature or requirement the test team should be developing the tests, (in extreme these need to be developed before the developers start), and ...

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