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I think you should educate your tester/qa to be clear when reporting issues including steps on how to reproduce the problems. It is a problems about the people not about lacking of tools.


Try imacros for web and winparrot for windows. Imacros is helpful when you have to do repetitive task or filling a form multiple times. We can also use excel for providing different values everytime the form is submitted. You can say it's a small regression but very handy tool for testers. But it can only help with web application. For windows application i ...


Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) has two recording options. Exploratory testing in MTM allows testers to record everything they do, they can add commentary and screenshots etc throughout the test session. During an exploratory test session the recording can easily be converted into a fault report (it can be as simple as click one button, enter a title, click ...


You can check out qTest eXplorer that Automatically records every step and screen of software testing execution Allows users to take notes and annotate screens while testing Lets users submit detailed defect records to defect tracking tools Automatically writes test cases to Excel or directly to qTest (test management platform) Generates session reports ...


There are such tools. For example Monosnap records video from users's desktop so you can use that to record also non-browser applications. Cool thing in Monosnap is that is quite light, allows entering figures on top of the video ( like red ellipses to point where to look ), creates mp4 files which most users can view without installing additional programs ...


If you need to record actions for a desktop app I think Problem Steps Recorder will work.


Selenium IDE records all actions. You can playback a session.

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