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Is the slowness on the app a result of the sum of these 3 requests: around 7000ms ~ equal 7s? (It is still way much lower than 17s on real device) Yes That is most likely the cause of your issue. The application likely catches and retries when it times out which will give you these very long times. It sounds like there is some severe issues, most likely in ...


I just set the Selendriod up last week with this guide on the official site selendroid.io/setup.html. It's a step by step since System Requirements to the first test case. I think it's a good kickstart, pretty straight forward. You could post for a specific question, if you are struggling in any step. Hope it helps,


This question is very broad, therefore the answer has to be broad as well. "mobile application testing" is as specific as "mobile application development". Applications are tested at different layers. One extremely important layer is exploratory testing, which requires that the tester runs the application in a setup that's as close as possible to that of a ...


If you prefer to use PHP you're stuck with using the PHPUnit implementation of the bindings. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any BDD PHP framework that supports mobile devices. Information about php-client can be found at https://github.com/appium/php-client .


You can try appium, https://github.com/appium/appium I believe there is some support for web testing however it may not be stable at the moment. Another option would be to try a service like https://www.browserstack.com/automate


Googling for 5 seconds found http://selendroid.io/ - selenium driver for android. Does it help? What else you need?

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