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If you write this same question on Google You will get a long list of tools, applications and browser addons for running a spelling and grammar check and a link test for websites. Personal what I do is copy the content of web page and paste it in a Word Processor like MS Word or Libre Office Word and run the spelling and grammar check in it for find the ...


Yes. You can create an application to run your test scripts, when you create your test projects they are just libraries/dlls that you have created and they do work just like any other library/dll. add to references and you should be able to call specific tests and get their pass/fail value when they are finished.


Maybe your xpath is wrong. You can use add-on FirePath for Firefox to get the xpath of the image. In order to let the link be clicked, your xpath should end with tag a, not img. For example, suppose xpath of the image is ".//*[@id='navbar_notice_6']/p/a/img", you should remove "/img", then your command in java will be driver.findElement(By.xpath(".//*[@id='...


If your application doesn't provide an interface for object based UI automation (such as MS UIA), which seems that's the case for you, and if you can't follow Andy's very correct suggestion; then you should look for an image processing based tool. Sikuli is the first that comes to mind, being open source and very successful (and probably being used by some ...

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