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Naming and separating out your reused parts (tests, keywords for maps). I call this "common" tests/maps. If you already have alot of tests automated then this will be more tedious, but pulling out your unique maps and naming them appropriately will identify the actual controls that are being duplicate tested. Test Naming conventions that follow the ...


One thing that is often overlooked is to make use of your coverage tool(s) for more than ensuring that every line of code gets tested - if you configure your tool to produce a separate named output file for each test/test sequence then you can quite easily scan these for lines/blocks that are being tested in more than one test. The other key point is - as ...


MS has several command line tools that will run tests. There's more information about how to use them and how to choose the tool you use on the MSDN site: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms182486.aspx I'd suggest reading the documentation and experimenting with the different tools to decide which of the tools works best for your situation.

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