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Definitely before running a new test one should clear the cache as it fetches the last visited website UI especially if you are making changes to the website after testing. But that also is required if you are testing the web apps directly to the browser through system not from any tool inbuilt window for browser testing. Some tool provide their own window ...


The most appropriate answer to this is (according to me) - whenever you want to! You clear cache to get rid of the old CSS and js saved on your local machine (cached), which allows the updates CSS and js to load. When you are testing, the code may get update more frequently and maybe that is why testers clear the cache more often as you have written. ...


You are entirely correct that clearing the cache makes your test environment artificially different than the standard user scenario. Often, though, testers will value consistent results over strict adherence to the standard environment. Inconsistent failures is the #1 cause of tester hair loss. Personally, I think its fine as long as you have some kind of ...


Test code cycles much faster than production code, and it's not uncommon for there to be major changes to how an application works during the early stages of its development. Clearing the cache ensures (mostly - server-side caching can cause problems) that the tester is looking at the code they think they're looking at. I typically don't clear cache ...


Hello the form fuzzer extension of chrome looks simple and easy to use for filling up of forms. Here is the link to it - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/form-fuzzer/cbpplldpcdcfejdaldmnfhlodoadjhii After installing the extension in chrome, 1. Right click on its icon in extension bar. 2. Go to options and select the settings and insert the values ...


The best one I've used so far is iMacro, its an extension comes with IE and Mozilla. You can easily record your action and play it back. Its easily compatible and can be further extended using VB script. Best thing you can run this extension by opening a new window or on any already open window.


Agree. If you want to avoid webdriver here, you may want to use SeleniumIDE, which allows you to create quick scripts (that ultimately get driven by webdriver) to play back and test functionality.


This is one thing that record-playback automation tools do quite well; if you've got a short-term one-off task for inputting a lot of data, in a fairly consistent way through some screens, then they're what you need. Quick to record the test, quick to make the script data-driven, and quick to play back.

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