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You need to take a step back and look at the whole picture- why did the dev lead objected to the P0 setting ? It is not because "it is not in production" (well, it is but there is a higher level reason for that) but because the company doesn't have an agreed and accepted definition for priority levels across all teams.


As others have said, if there isn't a consistent definition of what constitutes top priority across all teams, there will be disagreement over what constitutes a top priority bug. That said, I have a few thoughts to offer: Will this bug break core functionality if it is introduced to production? If the answer is "yes" then priority should be higher. Does ...


Recently, I found a P0 bug in the pre-production environment. I am the lead QA and I refused the deployment in production before correction. The bug made a simple action not work (classical one, used by every single person of my company each day). The priority of a bug is not due to where or how it is found, but the severity and the effect of the bug. In ...

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