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@mutt has the basics of what you need to create an excel spreadsheet. For the rest of your request: Your batch file to be run by the scheduler should perform the twenty iterations with the file being created if it doesn't exist. Your scheduled task should be set to run every hour. That will automatically give you a new file every hour Your code will need ...


Check if the file exists and if it doesn't exist create it. If it does exist then use the same code you have to modify it. public void Driver(int row , int col, string time, string sheetName){ string sDataFile = "Ranorex_Reports.xls"; string sFilePath = Path.GetFullPath(sDataFile); string sOldvalue = "Vopak_Automation\\bin\\Debug\\" + ...


IWebDriver has the method WindowHandles. The method return a collection. So you can use the size of the collection to get the number of open windows. IWebDriver Interface IWebDriver.WindowHandles Property I am not so familiar with C#, but in Java this work: driver.getWindowHandle().size(); In C# should this work: Driver.WindowHandles.Count;


You should avoid doing assertions on the method's innards as much as possible, to avoid coupling the unit tests to implementation specific details. In reality, of course, that's not always possible. In this case, you don't need to verify whether those methods were called. You're gonna have to provide a mock for _emailMessageBuilder, IEmailMessage and ...

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