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The best way to help your career is to learn how to test and become very good at it. James Bach has a really good post directed at new testers, that is worth reading (lots of recommendations) and he says this about certifications: Don’t get certified. There are no respectable commercial testing certifications. If you are forced to get certified for ...


Project Management Institute is one of the most well-known. More at Another leader is: which breaks out various roles including developer A personal note is that in my experience this certifications will make you entry-level and only a year or two in ...


Yes and No. Hiring managers might like certifications, but here in the Netherlands the two most asked certifications are ISTQB and T-Map. So the ones you name might not be useful in Europe. Also read this question: Do ISTQB/ISEB Testing Certificates prove that someone can test? Personally I am a follower of the ...


This is likely to be geography specific. Where I live, certifications are risky; admitting to having them can actually count against you by suggesting a lack of experience or a narrow view of how software quality work should be performed. Here, in Seattle, WA, I would recommend looking at local community college programs, reading books on software testing, ...


Organisations & events You can earn it for your organization in different levels. Recognition you can get having the business partnership with testing tool companies. ISO 9001 good one. Affiliation with university. Affiliation with testing organisations & participate in events.


I'm not sure where you are based out of, but you could look into the ISO90001 in Europe. It is a quality management certification that applies to companies:

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