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Testing certifications are crap. Suck it up and do a Comp Sci degree as it will leave you with far more tech related options than QA. What if you decide you don't like QA?


To determine if any certification is an aid to gaining employment, here's a method I used in the past, that you could use too: http://www.allthingsquality.com/2010/04/software-qa-certifications-aid-to.html Go to a jobs website (like Monster.com) Search for "Software QA" Note the number of jobs returned Add a search term for the certification of interest ...


Greatly depends on the location you are in the world. I have the feeling ISTQB is the certification that is most respected worldwide. Here in the Netherlands ISTQB and TMap Next are the two popular certifications. I can only guess that in other parts of the world this could be totally different. The only way to determine what qualification is in demand for ...


You don't mention where you are - in some countries employers are more likely to want certifications, in others not so much. As Merch says, you definitely want to explore your options more. If you can switch some of your electives to comp sci courses, I'd recommend doing that in your next semester to give you a better idea if this is where you want to be. ...

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