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i don't think that ISTQB Certification or another approves that you are now can test, you must do real work to learn but it also good for concepts & some companies may requires it to join work


Certifications can only prove that certified personal has knowledge. But In order to be a good tester , we need to apply knowledge. ISTQB certification test only knowledge but not on how to apply knowledge. There can be still dumb testers even with ISTQB certificates. Thanks! Sashi


Volunteering is a great way to gain professional experience. It's always nice to hear about ongoing volunteer work during an interview to show that the applicant is passionate about the industry. There are many open source or community projects that always need a hand with testing. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/contribute/


Well to learn about testing I would suggest not to go for any certification. It won't do much good. Rather read blogs and articles about testing. Follow expert testers like Scott Barber, Cem Kaner, Jerry Weinberg, James Bach, Michael Bolton, Brad Pettichord and many others. Read their blogs and books written by them. Read about psychology. Practice testing ...


First, please feel free to use whatever terms you like to describe what you do or what you want to do. (I happen to like the term tester - I think it's more accurate). Second, you've got some research to do. Start with articles online about software testing, look into buying a few books like Testing Computer Software by Cem Kaner, and think about taking ...


welcome to SQA StackExchange! The great thing about QA (please avoid the term 'tester', especially in interviews) is that it requires a broad range of personalities with a broad range of backgrounds. There is no single silver bullet training or personality that will discover all of the issues found within software. Honestly, some of the best people whom I ...

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