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I'm finding in the UK more recruitment agencies are asking for ISEB/ISTQB Foundation Certificate, not sure whether this is required by companies using them, or they are using it as a 'quality gauge'. Agencies tend to know little or nothing about testing so this may be their only tool at their disposal. May be possible that having a certificate means you get ...


You have one year of experience with the Banking and Finance Industry, that's good! Experienced or not, having a certification is good and proves that you have knowledge and know how to use the knowledge. Yes, it's helpful for your career. Put the certification and your one year experience as a bonus. HR will be interested in hiring you from this ...


Would getting Certifications like below help my career? Definitely Maybe. It probably matters where in the world you intend to work, and for what kinds of companies. I tried to explore that question a while back. In my locale, I concluded that the answer is "It probably won't matter": ...


The best way to help your career is to learn how to test and become very good at it. James Bach has a really good post directed at new testers, that is worth reading (lots of recommendations) and he says this about certifications: Don’t get certified. There are no respectable commercial testing certifications. If you are forced to get certified for ...


It might help you land a first job, but in my experience hiring testers, certs are no indication of a good hire, beyond teaching some technical language.


Yes and No. Hiring managers might like certifications, but here in the Netherlands the two most asked certifications are ISTQB and T-Map. So the ones you name might not be useful in Europe. Also read this question: Do ISTQB/ISEB Testing Certificates prove that someone can test? Personally I am a follower of the http://www.professionaltestersmanifesto.org/ ...


I'm not sure where you are based out of, but you could look into the ISO90001 in Europe. It is a quality management certification that applies to companies: http://www.iso9001.com/

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