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You could try TestComplete - I believe we use it to test installation here. Essentially you're just testing driving another windows application: if the environment can let you check registry entries and file content then so much the better (I don't work in TC at the moment and can't recall). AutoIT could do it (I have used AutoIT a lot).


Artifacts is the answer. That, and a bit of restructuring of my Bamboo Stages. This being a Python project, the files required to build it are only: Makefile setup.py setup.cfg requirements.txt The source directory In the Setup job's configuration, I created a shared artifact for each of those (using tar to roll up the source dir). I removed the make ...


We have recently launched http://backtrac.io project that also allows you to run set of screenshots and compare them. One of main features right now is ability to compare your production and staging environments. In this way you can see what is going to be changed very efficiently and in this way catch bugs early.

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