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There are online services that provide access to older browser versions (Chrome, Firefox, IE, ...) like testingbot. To download older versions of Chrome, try this URL: http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/chrome-unsigned/desktop-W15K3Y/$version/win/chrome-win.zip


Try to use this website i think it is best. or you have to download the older version browser then install and then you have to disable the automatic update and use it. or you can use install virtual machine and install specific browser you want in to that VM.


Managing multiple browser setups on a single machine sounds like a nightmare. Also I wonder how many browsers you really need to support, have a look at Browser market share per version. I think services like: https://www.browserstack.com/ https://saucelabs.com/features#features-manual-testing http://testingbot.com/ Are better suited for your browser ...


This SO discussion recommends: using different browser versions on different accounts creating several installations of a browser

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