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In excel sheet always start with 0-column and 0-row and index 0 as well. Change data[i][0]=conf.getData(1, i, 0); data[i][1]=conf.getData(1, i, 1); data[i][2]=conf.getData(1, i, 2); to data[i][0]=conf.getData(0, i, 0); data[i][1]=conf.getData(0, i, 1); data[i][2]=conf.getData(0, i, 2);


For the time being Allure Framework is probably the most advanced reporting tool for testing. It has adaptors for many languages. It allows you to: Create steps and sub-steps in your tests. Sub-steps are good for detailed logging. Attach files like text files, JSON, XML, images, etc. You can view them right from the report in the steps. I think this is the ...


Software tools available for any task are very dependent on the language you use. You did not mentioned yours (my language of choice and reference is Python, one of the reasons is because it has such great tools and community). But most common languages do have most common tools, and all of the good ones are open-source and you can adapt/enhance them for ...

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