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Database performance is a complex topic; people spend entire careers learning about it. Please consult your local DBA regarding exactly what you are trying to do.


No magic bullet. If you have a "multi-tenant" schema -- a schema that represents multiple, independent sets of data -- you may be able to run each concurrent test in a different data set. It is hard to be more specific about this without knowing more about your database, but here is an example. Consider an application as a service for managing ...


Selenium WebDriver itself cannot be used to test databases, but the language you are using to code your WebDriver tests (eg. C# or Java, etc.) can.


Selenium itself is only a framework to drive web-browsers, but you can combine it with some code to check and or manipulate the database the application under test uses. If you use Selenium with a programming language then you can use the same language in combination with a database library to access and change the database. Supported databases depend on ...


Selenium Webdriver is a web test automation framework and primarily used for functional testing of front-end part of the application (that piece, that the user sees in his/her browser). Since this framework is open source and can be relatively easily extended, someone could have already implemented some additional libraries for interacting with database. ...

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