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We use the Easyredmine package for our Redmine installation, so I don't know if this is different in "basic" Redmine. When you define workflow permissions, you have the option to omit unwanted statuses on the "status transitions" matrix. Those omitted statuses aren't shown to the user depending on their group permissions.


To echo others, it depends and I'd say that it largely depends on the culture at your company. It ultimately comes down to a trade-off between developer time and tester time. The more time you spend digging into the root cause of an issue, the less time you'll spend looking for other issues. However, you will save the developer some time because he/she ...


I won't take anything away from what has already been stated, but I noticed that your question implies that your company may still be in the "start up" phase. If your Marketing and Executive offices intend to go "IPO" ("Initial Public Offering" meaning: you'll be listed on the stock market), then you may have some work to do. Before that happens, you must ...


As others have said, it depends. My usual method works like this: I find something that doesn't seem right: If it's really obvious (a typo in a high-profile part of a site, an error message that gives the line of code that's failed), I'll check with a developer to see if they're working on that code right now (this is often the case in agile or other ...


It's not necessary for QA to do root-cause analysis for every defect they found. It's up to circumstances. And for the level of drill-down, I did not drill to the level of source-code when I tested a Unix binary application. But I did html/css root-cause analysis when I tested a website. As a view of user I represent, I access only the information that a ...


Nobody can really answer it since it depends. Depends on your qualifications, your and your team work load, the dev team work load, the complexity of the issue etc. I work now in a combined engineering type team and I still can't give a definite answer to your question, your best bet is to discuss this with your colleagues and managers.

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