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In my experience, the requirement to collect evidence (like screenshots) of tests being executed is driven by regulations in your industry. I had to collect evidence while testing military avionics (MIL-STD-2167), telecommunications equipment (TL9000), and financial reporting for publicly traded company (Sarbanes-Oxley). When working with software that is ...


To document testing scenarios, we use a wiki with text-based steps. Our wiki (FOSWiki) has version control, so you can even see how steps changed over time (and who made changes). Way better than docs on shared drive - hyperlinks make navigation a breeze. And FOSWiki allows to attach images to pages. Linking to other wiki pages with related/similar scenarios ...


We record a video of our test after design of what a "good" test case pass looks like and put it in shared storage. After that videos are only kept on fail. This way we can always go back and look at what the original good run looks like.


Anecdote: I worked on one project for a national company. Testing was being done and overseen by one of the Big Name consultancies. Their testers were told to take screenshots for every test step. They abandoned this practice as (1) it was taking too much time and test progress was too slow and (2) I was fnding 90%of the defects on the project by doing ...

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