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If requirement is tested, and fails, there are two possibilities: Release it with a known bug, and create (and prioritize) the bug to be fixed in one of next releases. If bug is so critical that product cannot be released, it goes back to development, and when fixed, it will have to be re-tested in full once again. You have no idea if fix did break some ...


I'd consider this more of a process question than a tool-specific question: a requirement has a critical bug in the implementation. My opinion is that the critical nature of the bug should mean that the requirement is consider not implemented until the bug has been fixed. At that point it returns to in testing while the correction is tested and the ...


You need to set below code in robot.txt ( you need to stop googlebot looking at your website ) User-Agent: googlebot Disallow: / Its not happen in one day, Its take some time when google next time crawling your website then it not access your website.

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