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You can write one on Windows with DSF, but I don't think there's a sample for SD cards at this time.


Have you tried the book The Art of Unit Testing ? http://www.manning.com/osherove/


I've been using SpecFlow, C#, NUnit and WebDriver to handle much of this. I write all of my tests within Visual Studio and use PowerShell to check source out, compile and start the tests to check my site and services. This gives it a nice framework feel, and once the updated Build System is complete I can add my tests into the build system, my PowerShell ...


General Rules: At least one test method should be written for every public service method and every new or overridden repository method Where applicable, positive and negative tests should be written Every Assert should include a relevant, meaningful error message for when failure occurs The Arrange, Act, Assert pattern should always be followed (see ...


I am trying a mock that uses an Object List of return values as a queue. Every time my mock is supposed to return something, it first looks in the queue to see if I've queued anything, and if so, returns it. Then I implemented an additional Queue method for my mock that I can call during test setup that just adds items to the List in the order I want them ...


I highly recommend the book "Pragmatic Unit Testing in C# with NUnit" by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas. If you are using Visual Studio as your IDE you might also want to check out MSDN (e.g. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms182532.aspx)

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