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A year or two ago, my employer's existing automated testing system was nearing the end of its licence period, and I was tasked with evaluating EggPlant as a possible replacement. I spent about a month recording tests, writing test scripts, and generally trying to pick at EggPlant's flaws. For the most part, EggPlant could do whatever we needed it to. As ...


It should be noted there is a FOSS alternative to Eggplant: Sikuli. We have teams that use both in our organization. I would not claim Sikuli is as powerful or up to the level of Eggplant, but if your needs are relatively simple it is worth a look. Also it is simply a Java library, so it can be integrated with other tools quite easily. We use Jython primarly....


To avoid the strange undefined variable behavoirs, set the strictVariables and strictParameters globals to true. This will stop a lot of undefined variable stuff by throwing an exception in most cases; making it a lot easier to deal with them.


I've never used it, however... The major drawback to this tool is that it is driven using image recognition, this in my opinion is a major drawback. I can guarantee that your application will change and that you will need to go back and recapture most of your images to get your test suite to run again. This might be acceptable when you have 300 tests, but ...


From my short time to date (about a month) using sensetalk I have come up with the following: This should be point 8 but I thought it was important enough to get boosted to the top of the list: Booleans are lazily evaluated from Right to Left (<-), not Left to Right (->) as in most common languages. This means that if you do if func1() and func0() then ...


Eggplant's image capture and recognition is very good - the best I have ever come across. There are also some handy tricks you can use where you point it to a folder full of images and it will tell you if, where, and which it found one of them. Hints and tips: While the image-recognition algorithm has some tolerance for images that do not exactly match ...


With text recognition working fine ..i feel this tools seems to be more powerful compared to image recognition tools. This tool is not suitable for drastically changing platforms but if UI or menus are freezed then for mid to long term projects eggplant should satisy most of the requirements of an automation tool


Any AGT system based on image-comparison is inherently brittle. If your AUT is browser-delivered, I highly recommend you adopt Selenium and/or Watir. It's got the best community support, cross-browser compatibility, and is implemented in most major languages.


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