eggPlant is a low-overhead, non-invasive black-box GUI test automation tool based on image capture and matching techniques.

As per wikipedia:

Eggplant is a two-computer system, consisting of a controller machine, where scripts are authored and executed, and a system-under-test which runs a VNC server. Eggplant connects to this VNC server via its built-in viewer via TCP/IP. The system-under-test can be any system that has a VNC server for it. Originally, Mac-only, the controller environment/IDE is now available on Linux and Windows.

Scripting is accomplished using a proprietary scripting language called SenseTalk, an English-like language that is easy to use. SenseTalk is used in conjunction with a "guided record" mode, meaning the scripter teaches Eggplant to navigate a system and verify a set of test steps.

Eggplant can be run from any operating system to any platform, technology, or browser. It can be used for mobile testing, cross platform testing, rich internet application testing, and performance testing.

Since it does not interact with the underlying code, eggPlant is suitable for QA automation and testing of any application including those that can cause problems for other tools such as:
• Flash
• Java
• .Net
• Eclipse.

eggPlant provides automated QA test software that is
• non-invasive
• technology agnostic
• easy to script and use.

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