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I've used Mailosaur in the past to do the exact same thing, and plan to use this again. I'm hoping that in a few days I will have this implemented in my automation framework. There are other services as well that provide it.


Emails and any other "magic strings" should be in configuration, and might be set differently for development, testing, and production. Even better, don't put individual emails there but mailing list. Then all members can react, and if any one member is on vacation, answer is not left in the limbo.


The best and easiest way of this kind of testing and to get rid of this issue is to have a test email ID like 'DemoTest@domain.com', and use this email ID for your and developer's testing purposes, i.e. where ever in system you need to enter the email ID use this one and proceed further, by this way your problem of mail bounce will get resolved as no matter ...

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