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My advice; Get hold of an actual USER. Do whatever it takes, wine, dine, open doors, knock on doors etc. Just get hold of an user and use time with him/her. Your goal should be to try to understand what problems the application is supposed to solve and how these problems are solved today. Also in addition you might just accidentaly get a representative ...


Do the following: Get familiar with the application by using it. Try to get an overview and notice the different areas / components you recognize. Use the application from a user point of view. A lot of questions will come up in your mind. Write them down and clarify them later with business analysts and developers. Aks the following questions: What ...


see my reply here the executive summary ? look around you for similarities


At first review this Application Properly. Then create test scenario and Risk Management. If any problem about Application's any functionality, then communicate with Client and Project Manager.

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