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There are a few ways to do handle this... For Flash Videos: Most flash videos show up in iFrames, so you'll want switch to the iFrame container (using selectFrame) and then do an element test to verify the video content shows up correctly (using waitForElementPresent or verifyElementPresent). As others have mentioned, if you're going to need to interact ...


If you need to validate that the video is there then it is a simple element check. BUT if you need to validate if the video is LOADED than that's a completly other thing. Is the video a flash object? Then use http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/articles/flash_selenium.html flash selenium. If it is a flex object use http://code.google.com/p/flex-ui-selenium/ ...


Here are some useful posts from Stack Overflow: please compare QTP, RIATest , Selenium for Flex Application Automation Testing Automated testing of FLEX based applications Flex UI testing automation Flex automated acceptance testing tools Adobe Developer Connection also contains some tutorials on Flex testing tools. See for example this page: Test and ...


Based on the example of RF keywords list, you should write the condition, in your case should be ${CreateButtonVisible} == 'PASS' Run Keyword If ${CreateButtonVisible} == 'PASS' Create Button

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