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If you write C# code you probably already use Visual Studio, if so evaluate Microsoft Test Manager because it is fully integrated with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server. Microsoft Test Manager has a dedicated set of features for running and managing manual tests with the possibility to import stack traces directly from your builds. Alternatively you ...


You could try AutoIT and record macros as you test. If it were web browser only, using Selenium IDE's click-and-record would be just fine. In the past I have also kept Fiddler running as I tested. Those logs can be packaged and added to the tickets for the developers to comb over.


There are a number of test tracking tools or test case management tools, Some SaS ( pay by user) TestRail TestLodge Some one off purchases Microsoft Test Manager SoftBear Test Complete Some FreeWare MozTrap As with any software selection, carefully consider why you want to use the product and what you want it to help you achieve. All those I ...

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