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The right way is to filter by 'Subject' and not by 'Path' After that there is only desired path displayed in Call to Test dialog.


The solution is simple: you need to leave Called Test parameters empty so they would be marked with ? symbol in call step. Have a look at this: Call <Expert Parameter - controlTrafficNetworkType> with the following parameters: network type = ? So when you create the new test configuration (param/value pairs) there will be desired parameter from ...


Yes, you can do that. For this you need to save your common/shared test steps in a new test case and then change it to a template using 'Mark as Template Test'. Then where ever you need these shared steps, open that test case and in the test step section of that case select the option 'Call to Test' and then select the shared test case template which you ...


I'm not 100% sure but I don't think there is such a feature. you can only link defects on the same level. Note And you can also link requirements and tests but that has nothing to do with this topic.


In addition to the answer from bish: You can also filter like this: *text1*text2* - so you do not need to put the filter into double quotes. Usually I filter on different fields like: Assigned to - me Status - "not closed and not tested and not rejected" (without quotes) Further information: After you have configured a filter you can save it as a ...


As far as I know there are only locigal conditions and wildcards. Maybe if you have a description like This is my test-ticket you can search for it with something like *test*. This works like if you use the SQL-Statement LIKE with a front and a back %. So test* would not find the example as it does not start with test. Same with *test as there are ...

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