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I like using modern.ie (by Microsoft) because they carry all IE browsers from IE6 to IE11 and it's free. You basically choose which version of IE you want and it comes prepackaged with its own virtual machine so you don't have to install anything. Just run and test. The downside is the virtual machines are time limited and expire after a certain amount of ...


Take a look at this link from MSDN. It may answer your question in part. In the platform support section: Windows Internet Explorer 9 Important Windows Internet Explorer 9 is only supported if you have installed Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 The following scenarios are supported if you have installed Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack ...


This sounds similar to a problem I dealt with recently using watir-webdriver (which, if you're using webdriver will be similar). In my case I was able to resolve/ workaround by sending a click at the element (to select it) before using sendKeys. So I suggest you could try sending a click to the element before using sendKeys. :)


You can also use http://www.browserstack.com/ where you can not only get older versions of IE but pretty much any browser you want.


I have this code running always when I instance IE8 on my tests. Works fine for me. #region SSL workaround for IE if (driver.GetType() == typeof(InternetExplorerDriver) && driver.Title.Contains("Certificate")) driver.Navigate().GoToUrl("javascript:document.getElementById('overridelink').click()"); #endregion


Create a desktop background with overlapping boxes at the resolutions you need. Resize the browser windows to match those boxes as needed. Sometimes a lo-fi solution is the best.

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