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Typical product company interview question. The primary intent for this question is to question the system, assumptions, design aspects and arrive at various possible cases in terms of coverage, localization aspect. Repeat Answers from link http://www.careercup.com/question?id=3428807 Its more of a practice / thinking process to assess / analyse / validate ...


If I was being interviewed and was asked this question, first of all i would start off by trying to quench my curiosity. How much time do i have? What type of a toaster is it? How much power limit does it operate on as per the vendor? Does the vendor provide any user manual or claims documentation? How does it work? Is it timer based or manual toaster? ...


First, it depends on the way the organization defines things - what a particular business considers direct and indirect scenarios could well be different than what you'd expect. If I was responding to this question in an interview, I'd start by saying that in my experience direct scenarios are those where the test explicitly exercises the requirement or ...


Check out Glassdoor.com, they probably have salaries for the company, and maybe for your job title. The glassdoor salaries are self-reported by other people. you can also search for salaries in other companies. Good luck, John

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