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You can try this tools: Grid Wichterle https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.inmite.android.gridwichterle&hl=cs Pixel Ruler http://www.pixel-ruler.net/ Disclaimer: I'm author of the second one :-)


I know some possible ways, but I think they are a bit far fetched for a maintainable test setup. Might get you going though. VNC: Jailbreak an iPhone/iPad Install VNC server software Use a test framework like T-Plan Robot to run tests against the device over VNC There is also a older open-source T-Plan robot version at: ...


Your can give xcode(iOS emulator) a try and try to write a script to execute the emulator automatically. Addendum: I do not have a hands on experience of it but once you have your app/website running in xcode emulator you can write test scripts using the IPhoneDriver plugin of selenium webdriver and run your tests! I suppose this link below can give you ...

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