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Open you test plan in the Jmeter GUI and check the HTTP Response Timeout limit. For this, in Jmeter, Open the TEST Plan Got to the HTTP Request Sampler under Threads In the Timeouts section set the Response Timeout limit and Save the Test Plan. Now try to run your test from the command line. It will stop the test after the timeout limit is reached!


Although you can do it directly with Jmeter but as you mentioned above there is so much that you will have to do for it and you will require to have strong knowledge of Java & Jmeter. OR You can do it the easy way. Use Blazemeter. Blazemeter has a Chrome extension using which you can record user actions in Chrome and then export the test script. Those ...


The only way to get the reason is looking into jmeter.log file and taking a thread dump using jstack command to see where it hangs and why. You can also add the following line to file: and look into .jtl results file to see whether it is being updated. You can also open it with the listener of your ...


If you want to have a configuration in which each thread should use unique data, even across slave machines, then you should use different Test Data files on different test machine. As you have to place this Test Data file on each slave machine (with same location as on master) it means JMeter pick Test Data (CSV file) from the local machine and not from the ...


Add Beanshell PostProcessor as a child of the request which must be successful and put the following code into "Script" area: if (!prev.isSuccessful()) { prev.setStopThread(true); } where prev stands for associated parent SampleResult See How to Use BeanShell: JMeter's Favorite Built-in Component guide for more information on using Beanshell in your ...


Problem solved by this steps: Changed cookie Policy to compatible Changed cookie Implementation to HC3CookieHandler and the last but not least, Internet Explorer Driver has got some problems with getting cookies named, changed to Chrome Driver and now everything works

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