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It is very likely you will get differing results. Especially in response times. This is mainly due to latency caused by the Geographical distribution. This will become important if response times is one of the metrics you are using to understand the website's ability to cope/scale under load. A simple reflection of this is; go to http://amazon.co.uk/ ...


Jmeter, by default doesn't add any waiting/pausing time between two or more consecutive requests. Now imagine that you sent a thousand requests to the web server under test in matter of seconds. What will this do? This will cause an overload and Jmeter will overwhelm your test server by making too many requests in a short span of time. To overcome this, ...


The easiest way is using ForEach Controller configured as: Input Variable Prefix: listName Output Variable Name: anything meaningful, i.e. currentList Add "_" before number?: checked This way you will be able to iterate all the listName_X variables: See Using Regular Expressions in JMeter guide for another example which extracts all HTML links from ...


ApacheJMeterTemporaryRootCA.crt This certificate is for browsers Firefox,Chrome and Internet explorer. List item ApacheJMeterTemporaryRootCA.usr This certificate is for browser opera. Reference 1 : Jmeter Recording and Certificates Reference 2 : Jmeter Certificates

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