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First of all check JMeter Glossary for definition of basic load testing terms In regards to median and average, as per The Load Reports guide #Samples is the number of samples with the same label. Average is the average time of a set of results. Median is a number which divides the samples into two equal halves. Half of the samples are ...


You would need 2 Thread Groups (TG). Make sure that "Run Thread Groups consecutively" under your test plan is UNCHECKED else you'll be having 2nd TG running after 1st TG.


JMeter timers have their scope. Basically if you put a timer on the same level with all requests - it will impact all of them, if you put the timer as a child of the certain request - it will affect only this particular request. So it is possible to shape requests throughput individually. Even more, you can change throughput during test run if you'll use a ...

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