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What programming language and test automation framework to learn first heavilly depends on a lot of factors like: The market you're trying to find a job at (USA, Europe, Asia) The applications types you want to work with (Desktop, web- or mobile applications) Previous programming experience with one of the languages (if applicable to you) Getting an ...


After some good experience in manual testing , It is always good to move for automation. Please start with following tools for automation testing : 1 - Selenium web driver Selenium support many programming languages like Java , c# , Python and some others also. It will help you to do automation testing for functionalists. For ex: Login , Register in ...


public static void WaitForData (IWebDriver driver) { var dt1 = DateTime.Now; var diff = 0; while (diff < 3) { var dt2 = DateTime.Now; var ts = dt2.Subtract(dt1); diff = (int) ts.TotalSeconds; } }

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