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You could create a test that checks the following when a file is created: new File(filePath).exists() In case its false just throw an exception. If you want that as a JUnit then just wrap it in an assert. You can read up more on the File Class I used in the example here


I used maven sure fire report plugin and this question and the answer explains how i did it. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29671601/maven-sure-fire-plugin-report-empty


You can define your reports via the commandline arguments of testrunner. So for example if you want your report in HTML then just add -FHTML onto your runner This is a Pro only feature though; F : Sets the format of the report specified with the -R option, for Printable reports this is one of PDF, XLS, HTML, RTF, CSV, TXT, and XML. For Data Export this ...


No magic bullet. If you have a "multi-tenant" schema -- a schema that represents multiple, independent sets of data -- you may be able to run each concurrent test in a different data set. It is hard to be more specific about this without knowing more about your database, but here is an example. Consider an application as a service for managing ...

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